Practice Driver

Put your business plans into practice.


Simple, practical business planning software.

In theory, business planning can be a helpful exercise for lawyers. 

The unfortunate reality is that most business plans are neglected for 364 days out of every year. Without a system for follow-through, even the best-laid plans are unrealized.

But what if business plans were practical instead of theoretical?
What if they defined a clear roadmap for growth?
And what if your lawyers implemented them throughout the year?

We’re proud to introduce Practice Driver: simple business plan software that helps law firms put their plans into practice.


a living business plan that centralizes and streamlines your firm’s activities.


high-level firm strategy with practice group plans and individual lawyer plans.


lawyers’ business plans with their calendars and pipelines, so day-to-day activities are synced up with their annual objectives.


on objectives, track progress, and keep your lawyers focused on key strategies throughout the year.

From Necessary Evils to

Strategic Assets

Most law firms engage in business plans at the firm-wide, practice group, or individual lawyer level. But 80% of legal marketers agree that while business plans are necessary and useful, they are under-utilized because lawyers won’t follow through without accountability.

We have firm/group business plans. 67%
Business plans are necessary but under-utilized. 80%
Lawyers won't follow through without accountability. 100%

That’s where Practice Driver comes in.

Practice Driver


  • Practice Driver aligns firm-wide strategy with practice group plans, client team plans, and individual attorney business plans.
  • Intuitive “build your own business plan” interface streamlines the process with a templated structure.
  • Lawyers can choose from suggested goals and customize them as they see fit. They can also tag other lawyers to their goals for a team-oriented approach.
  • Users receive periodic updates on goal status and upcoming deadlines.
  • The reporting system simplifies the administrative workflow by delivering a clear, high-level overview that flags the plans that still need to be created, and goals still awaiting implementation.
  • Each plan is accessible with a click of a button, expediting the performance evaluation process.


Theoretical, meet practical.

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